Claire Fuller, Morgan Hill, and Ricardo Mavrogordato Join Willow Street

Willow Street is pleased to announce the addition of three professionals to our team: Claire Fuller, Morgan Hill, and Ricardo Mavrogordato.

Claire Fuller

As Willow Street’s associate general counsel, Claire advises the firm on legal matters, is a resource for client families and their advisors, and works closely with the Client Strategy and Client Integration teams.

Before joining Willow Street, Claire was a plaintiff’s attorney at the Spence Law Firm, LLC. Prior to her legal career, Claire worked as a community organizer, a pastry chef, and research assistant in fire ecology. She holds a JD from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming, and a BS in Geology from Northern Arizona University.

A native of Jackson, Claire is part of the third generation to live on the family ranch. She serves the community as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and board member of the Grand Teton Association. Outside of work, she enjoys skiing, rafting, mountain biking, and cooking.

Before joining Willow Street, what was the most unusual job you’ve had?

I had a research internship funded by NASA examining wind patterns and ventifacts on Mars via images from the Opportunity rover. This involved identifying images that portrayed ventifacts (wind-shaped rock formations) and orienting each one geographically with Martian coordinates in order to understand the predominant wind direction. This was my first foray into independent research and planted a seed of curiosity in me that is still growing.

What’s the favorite place you have travelled to and why?

Samarkand, Uzbekistan to explore the ancient silk road. The food is incredible: I was there in late summer, when produce was freshly harvested. Flavors hailed from all of the countries on the silk road – from China to Iran. The architecture of the Shah-i-Zina necropolis was breathtaking, as was the Registan, a public square and madrasha (school) complex. Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world, and being there was an incredible reminder that there is a vast amount of world history that is not often included in our education in the US.

Morgan Hill

Morgan serves as a primary point of contact for client families, accountable for working closely with clients and their advisors, including legal, tax/accounting, investment, and banking leads. He is responsible for trust administration, financial reporting and analysis, cash flow management, and special projects. With a background in technology risk consulting and internal audit, Morgan’s skillset includes assessing and managing potential risk and creating efficiencies with process improvement recommendations.

Prior to joining Willow Street, Morgan was a senior associate consultant at RSM, where he was responsible for audits and consulting projects for financial institution and technology clients across the Mid Atlantic. Most recently, he assisted investment managers and insurance companies with service organization controls compliance to gain assurance over financial reporting and user data and information.

Morgan earned his BBA in Accounting from James Madison University and moved to Jackson from Richmond, Virginia in 2021. He enjoys playing golf, skiing, cycling, live music, and the many other great offerings in Jackson.

What’s your favorite way to spend a winter or spring day in Jackson?

Prior to moving to Jackson full time I have only experienced winter and summer, so I look forward to the change in seasons and the accompanying activities. In the winter, I love a breakfast at Nora’s Fish Creek followed by skiing in the Village or on Teton Pass with friends. In the spring, I imagine I’ll enjoy riding my bike on the many trails Jackson offers or spending a day floating and fishing the Snake.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Time is a currency, spend it wisely.” A college professor lectured on this topic, and it has always stuck with me as a reminder to maximize the experiences and opportunities that life presents. From family and friends to hobbies and skills, the time we invest in ourselves and others is incredibly valuable and should be cherished to the fullest.

Ricardo Mavrogordato

As a Relationship Manager, Ricardo serves as a primary point of contact for client families, accountable for working closely with clients and their advisors, including legal, tax/accounting, investment, and banking leads. He is responsible for trust administration, financial reporting and analysis, and cash flow management. With a background in global luxury hospitality, Ricardo excels at anticipating client’s needs, has a thorough understanding of corporate structures, and has deep experience in client analytics.

Prior to joining Willow Street, Ricardo spent 14 years with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts across North America, including in Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, and Lānaʻi. Having worked in various capacities for the company, from the front office to sales & marketing, he brings an elevated level of service culture and hospitality to client families and the broader team.

Ricardo earned a BSBA in Management from Bucknell University and holds a Master in Global Hospitality Leadership from Georgetown University. Born in Brazil, he lived in Chile, Peru, and Venezuela before moving to the US during high school. Ricardo is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Portuguese. He enjoys skiing and mountain biking in Jackson, and loves to travel for surf.

What’s your favorite way to spend a winter day in Jackson?

I moved to Jackson full-time in fall 2005 to ski as much as possible. While my days of skiing 100 days in a season are behind me, skiing is still my favorite way to spend a winter day in Jackson. Ideally, I’d find myself outside of a backcountry gate at the mountain resort in the middle of a storm cycle friends. Despite having spent lots of time skiing here, there are always new places to explore — whether within the resort or out in the backcountry.

What’s something that others find surprising about you?

People are often confused about my background, especially given my name. Each of my grandparents was born in a different country: Brazil, USA, Sweden, and Italy. Although I speak English without a foreign accent, people are surprised to learn that I was born in Brazil and attended English-based international schools in Chile, Peru, and Venezuela before moving to the US when I was 15.

Please join us in welcoming Claire, Morgan, and Ricardo.