Crestbridge Fiduciary Joint Venture

Willow Street and international trust services provider Crestbridge entered a joint venture in January 2020 to give families with existing or planned US-based holdings access to a comprehensive and sophisticated global platform for protecting and structuring wealth.

Driven by client demand, Crestbridge Fiduciary brings client families the benefit of two preeminent independent firms: Crestbridge, which has a footprint in eight major international finance centers, and Willow Street, a leading Wyoming-based trustee and fiduciary. With team members located in three leading trust jurisdictions — Wyoming, the Cayman Islands, and Jersey — we offer a unique cross-border perspective and work cohesively to manage structures across multiple jurisdictions.

We pair resolute client focus with a high level of transparency, responsiveness, and close collaboration with families and their teams of advisors. Our clients benefit from our high touch relationship management and the deep, diverse expertise and uncompromising integrity of our team.



Commenting on the joint venture, Phillip Harrington, Chairman and CEO of Willow Street, said: “Crestbridge Fiduciary has expanded Willow Street’s global capabilities and opened significant international opportunities. Moreover, our two firms have established a strong foundation of trust and collaboration, both core attributes of our respective cultures. Crestbridge Fiduciary has enhanced our value proposition for families looking for the highest level of service, integrity, and commitment.”

John Harris, Chairman of Crestbridge, added: “Our partnership with Willow Street goes from strength to strength, cemented by our shared passion for excellence and service quality. We are delighted to see our bold ambitions in the US marketplace being realized. Together we are creating new and exciting opportunities for our clients and harnessing the full potential of a trusted alliance, which we believe will only grow in stability and success.”

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Crestbridge Fiduciary Board of Managers

Portrait of Phillip J Harrington, Jr. for Willow Street Group
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