Caedran Harvey

Relationship Manager

Caedran serves as a primary point of contact for client families, accountable for working closely with clients and their advisors, including legal, tax/accounting, investment, and banking leads. Working with clients of Willow Street Group, LLC, she is responsible for trust administration, financial reporting and analysis, and cash flow management. Caedran has a strong competency in research and data analysis for clients’ special projects.

Caedran joined Willow Street from William E. Wecker Associates, where she focused on economic and statistical consulting. She earned her BA in Economics from Cornell University and is pursuing her certification as a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA).

Supplemental to her career at Willow Street, Caedran races her mountain bike professionally; at any given time, you will likely find her on a trail, regardless of season. Her other outlets include reading Farnam Street Blog, traveling the globe, and hiking with her twin Australian Shepherds.

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