Willow Street works with families and their advisors to provide guidance and administration for custom Wyoming fiduciary structures.

“Willow Street is one of our most valued partners. They address our clients’ needs with a high level of knowledge, creativity, competence, and execution. Willow Street is who we turn to for efficient trust solutions for our clients.”
CFO, Multi Family Office

Crestbridge Fiduciary, a joint venture between Willow Street and Crestbridge, gives families access to a comprehensive, sophisticated multijurisdictional platform for protecting and structuring wealth.

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Pathstone Combines with Willow Street

Pathstone, an independently operated, partner-owned firm built to deliver comprehensive family office services for families around the country, is combining with Willow Street.

Willow Street and Pathstone will operate as sister companies, with Willow Street continuing its sole focus on trust and fiduciary services. Together, the combined firm will serve the increasingly complex needs of multigenerational families.

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