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About Willow Street

All families leave legacies for future generations through the passing down of experiences, wisdom, and gifts. Many families form trusts to help ensure that their legacy is preserved and shared with successive generations. At Willow Street, we work collaboratively with families and their advisors to understand and implement trust structures so that current and future generations may benefit from these gifts as they lead lives of purpose. We are a pure fiduciary, remaining free of real or perceived conflicts. We strive to perform our duties at the highest professional standard, with the utmost integrity and discretion, and with a firm commitment to be there for our clients over multiple generations.


Willow Street’s team brings deep and diverse professional experiences to our roles. Our backgrounds in trust and estate planning, family office services, private banking, risk management, finance and investing, regulatory compliance, and business operations enable us to see both the big picture as well as risks and opportunities in the details.


We strive always to do the right thing for our clients and our business. We follow both the letter and spirit of the law. We are transparent with our clients, advisors, and regulators. How we do things is as important as what we do. The trust of our clients, and our reputation, is earned through the integrity, judgment, and expertise we bring to each interaction.


We enter into each client relationship expecting that it will last for generations. Therefore, we thoughtfully evaluate new relationships, ensuring an alignment in expectations and principles between both parties. We must be confident that we have the capabilities to do what is being requested, that sound reasons exist for seeking our services, and, most fundamentally, that a potential client’s values and our own are compatible.

Our Team