Barbara Hoeft Lectures at UW College of Law

Willow Street Financial Services LLC is pleased to announce that Barbara J. Hoeft, Principal, was a guest lecturer at the University Of Wyoming College Of Law earlier this week. Ms. Hoeft presented on “Trust, Estate and Business Administration” with an emphasis on trust accounting and reporting to a class of third year students.

The University Of Wyoming College Of Law boasts among its alumni many state and federal judges, governors, senators and a former United States Ambassador to Ireland. In addition, the UW College of Law was recently named to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Schools.

“Trust administration is often never covered during a law student’s normal coursework,” stated Ms. Hoeft. “It was a great opportunity to explain some of the details of the day-to-day administration for various estate planning tools. I also wanted to stress how important it is for all advisors to work together to ensure that everyone understands these tools so that they accomplish what they’re meant to.”

Willow Street Financial Services works with settlors, trustees, beneficiaries, accountants, and legal professionals to provide management for many types of trusts, as well a certain forms of limited partnerships and corporations.