PTC Leading Practices: Designing a Governance Structure

One of Willow Street’s two operating companies, Willow Street Group, LLC, specializes in private trust company (PTC) advisory, governance, and operations. As such, we have created a PTC Leading Practices series to help families and their advisors think through key elements of establishing and maintaining a PTC.

The first installment in the series addresses designing a PTC governance structure, which is critical to its long-term success. To read the full piece, please follow this link. In it, we review:

  • Common elements of the PTC structure
  • PTC Board role and responsibilities
  • PTC Board attributes, composition, selection process, and succession planning
  • Additional considerations for selecting PTC committee members

We hope these leading practices are helpful. To further discuss Wyoming trust structures and the ways in which Willow Street works with client families and their advisors, please contact Betty Andrikopoulos.