International Family Offices Journal Feature: Using a virtual family office (VFO) with a PTC as an alternative to family offices

The International Family Offices Journal (Volume 6, 2021) recently published Willow Street partner Laurent Roux’s article Using a VFO with a PTC as an alternative to family offices, which can be viewed here.

The VFO — virtual family office — is an outsourced family office organization consisting of a limited number of internal members which enables service providers, advisers, attorneys, accountants and others to serve the family externally, giving best-in-class service and support without a significant office structure. In his article, Laurent examines the advantages of combining a VFO with a private family trust company (PTC), a family-owned company which serves the family as trustee, versus a more traditional multi-family office (MFO) or single family office (SFO).

In addition to serving as an Independent Director at Willow Street, Laurent is CEO and founder of Gallatin Wealth Management, a family wealth advisory and consultancy serving families worldwide. He is a Fellow at the Family Firm Institute, an Advisory Board member at the UHNW Institute, speaks at leading business and wealth industry forums around the world, and has written articles and book contributions pertaining to family, business and wealth. He was previously a managing director at Pictet for many years in Europe and Asia.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the VFO-PTC model and how Willow Street works with families and their advisors therein; please contact us to schedule time.