Integrating Fiduciary and Family Office Structures with a Virtual Family Office

Families are more frequently integrating their fiduciary and family office structures with a virtual family office (VFO). For families with meaningful wealth held in trusts, a private family trust company (PTC) serves as an excellent governance framework and corporate structure for a VFO, providing integrated, holistic oversight of fiduciary, investment, tax, philanthropic, governance, and other activity.

In this piece, we review how and why families choose to form a VFO around their PTC, the concept of a VFO Manager, the benefits of a PTC-VFO structure, and roles within a typical PTC-VFO structure.

Willow Street offers VFO management services for PTCs for which we provide administrative, governance, and other services. Specifically, we may act as VFO Manager, the point person who leads and facilitates collaboration, communication, and coordination among a family’s team of advisors in the PTC-VFO structure.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the PTC-VFO concept with you and explore if it could be of value to your family. Please reach out to Betty Andrikopoulos or Kea Molnar to set up time for a conversation.