Laurent Roux to Present at IFG’s Annual Conference

Held at the venerable Union League Club in New York, the conference is specifically geared towards empowering beneficiaries through proactive and intentional inter-generational planning. Roux will be joining a panel of experienced trustees as they explore a variety of fiduciary case studies and their respective resolutions. His presentation focuses on one family’s use of the Private Trust Company and the special challenges of combining family and fiduciary matters. The panel will be moderated by IFG’s Chair, Dr. Babetta Von Albertini.

“The Private Trust Company (PTC) is a powerful fiduciary tool for families—understanding its unique capabilities and structure can facilitate effective family governance, family stewardship and the responsible ownership of family wealth.”
—Panel Member Laurent Roux

In addition, Willow Street’s Chief Fiduciary Officer and General Counsel Scott Weaver has prepared a white paper for the conference that delves into the issue of situs as it relates to the use of the PTC and its effects on family governance.   “Fiduciary Challenges and Resolutions: The Wyoming Perspective” notes the various factors advisors must consider when choosing a jurisdiction for their client families. For more on Wyoming as a situs for trusts and PTC’s and how it can positively affect family governance click here: Fiduciary Challenges and Resolutions: The Wyoming Perspective by Scott Weaver.

The Willow Street Group, based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, establishes Private Family Trust Companies for multinational, multigenerational families and offers trustee services via its affiliate, the Willow Street Trust Company of Wyoming, a state-chartered trust company. Since its founding in 2005, Willow Street has worked closely with clients and their advisors to provide a superior level of service, building long-term relationships with clients so they have the freedom to enjoy their resources and be responsible stewards of their family wealth.