Willow Street Provides Thought Leadership for Family Office Exchange

General Counsel Scott Weaver and Principal Betty Andrikopoulos were tapped to act as Guest Moderators for the Family Office Exchange Private Trust Company Network during the month of January. Members that are considering or have established a PTC use the Network as a forum to learn more about PTC’s: how they function as a family vehicle to manage trusts and underlying entities and their increasingly important role in family governance and trust administration. FOX is the world’s largest peer-to-peer network for ultra-wealthy families and their family offices and the leading authority on matters related to legacy wealth management.

In addition to posting blogs on topics such as regulated vs. unregulated PTC’s and the use of PTC’s for international families, Weaver and Andrikopoulos also moderated a discussion on the use of family members as discretionary distribution committee members. Questions may be posted anonymously, ensuring that members can ask candid questions, and more importantly, receive candid answers.

The FOX PTC Network creates an environment for family office executives, family members and advisors to collaborate on topics specifically related to the private trust company and provides a valuable resource for members.
— Scott Weaver, Chief Fiduciary Officer and General Counsel, Willow Street Group

Willow Street has worked closely with families and their advisors since 2005 – providing Private Family Trust Company administration and trustee services to multinational, multigenerational families. Willow Street Trust Company of Wyoming, LLC was formed to deepen our services to these families and their advisors, applying the broad knowledge gained and offer an additional way to establish situs in Wyoming.

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