PTC Leading Practices: Operations and Administration

Willow Street has created a Private Trust Company (PTC) Leading Practices series to help families and their advisors consider key elements of PTC formation and maintenance derived from our experience in providing private trust company advisory, governance, and operations services.

The first installment in the series addressed the critical long-term success factors designing a PTC governance structure. The full piece can be read here.

The second installment addresses the foundational operations and administration elements central to bringing the PTC to life. To read the full piece, please follow this link. In it, we review:

  • Reducing PTC complexity through documentation and recordkeeping,
  • Maintaining the PTC through communications and compliance, and
  • Preparing the PTC for long-term success through the delegation of duties.

We hope these leading practices are helpful. To further discuss Wyoming trust structures and the ways in which Willow Street assists client families and their advisors, please contact Betty Andrikopoulos.